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Shaleback is a Creature in Conan Exiles


Shaleback General Information

The Shaleback resembles a turtle and lays eggs which spawns young


Shaleback Location

  • Where to find


Shaleback Drops


Shaleback Notes and Tips

  • Shalebacks come in two varieties, the grey shells and red shells.  Both are muscular and resemble a gorrila, and it is assumed that one is male and the other female based on coloration.  I have come across grey shells, and almost run right into them, without having them turn hostile.  Red shells on the other hand will grow hostile and territorial with very little provocation and over a decent distance.  Both varieties hit with equal tenacity and have a moderate knock back.  Their turn rate is slow, so keep to their sides and move around them and hit them on the shell... counter-intuitive but this method works in slaying these beasts.
  • Shaleback young do not grow hostile and neither grey nor red shell Shalebacks grow hostile when you approach their nest.  Their eggs are a good source of water and food and provide both.  Their young provide feral meat, and the adults provide savory steaks, and both provide a decent amount of hide and bone.





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