Thralls in Conan Exiles are another important tool for survival in Conan Exiles.

Thralls can be captured by knocking them out with a Truncheon, dragging them back to base with Fiber Bindings and putting them on the Wheel Of Pain. After breaking their will, you can use them as your servants to do your bidding.


Thrall General Information

  • Capture a Blacksmith Thrall will give you access to Items only crafted by that specific Thrall via the Crafting Machines.
  • Once you break their will on the Wheel of Pain, you can place them for defending your base.
  • Capture and convert Thrall Dancers to dance for you to lower your corruption and provide health regen.


Thrall Tips and Notes

  • Once you capture a Stygian Blacksmith and place him at a Stygian Forge, you have access to that style of weapons and armor even if your Character is from a different race
  • Capture and convert thrall Entertainer to dance to lower a player's corruption and provide health regen buff


Thrall Type

There are different type of thralls. Players can find different thralls in different camps


Similar to players, Thralls have various races


Unlike players, Thralls are specialize in one particular skills.


There are various Clans in the lands of the exiles and can be found in various locations

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