Gods in Conan Exiles are covered on this page. 



You can drag the bodies of your defeated Enemies back to your land, cut their hearts out and sacrifice them to your god to earn blessings. Curry enough favor with your god and you will be able to summon avatars of them that will devastate the battlefield.

There are currently 4 (7 in total) different Religion options in Conan Exiles which you can choose one when creating Characters.



The "God who requires no worship."


The "God of serpents and sacrifice."


The "God of cannibals."


The "God of right and justice."


 Gain favor with the gods

Knowledge granted by following the other gods will give you certain advantages. Right from the start you will be able to build an altar to your god, and from the altar you can craft your religious artifact and get access to some helpful Recipes.

You gain favor for the three gods in different ways. When you kill other players or human NPCs you use your religious artifact on their dead bodies.

  1. Use your Setite ritual knife to cut out the hearts of your enemies and bring them to his altar to gain Set's favor.
  2. Gain Yog's favor by using your cleaver to harvest unblemished human flesh and roasting it in a Yog pit.
  3. Purify the bodies of fallen enemies with your Mitraen Ankh and bring the lingering essence of their souls to an altar of Mitra to gain his favor.

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