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Avatars in Conan Exiles are the ultimate expression of one's Religious in the game. The avatars are also the ultimate tool for crushing your enemies. No building, castle or wall can stand before them. However the cost of summoning an avatar is huge. Players need to construct a tier three Altar and capture a High Priest Thrall in order to summon an Avatar. All the efforts will be consumed once players start summoning.

When summoning the avatar itself you are vulnerable to enemy attacks and can easily be spotted, as a pillar of light appears around you. Summoning takes time and getting killed during the summoning process will waste all the efforts that put into the process, be careful and have your friends close by for protection.

Once the summoning is complete you control the avatar of your god. As the avatar, you tower over the landscape and your shift in perspective brings a new insight to your experience. Your foes are as insects and their works are insignificant, to be crushed underfoot or destroyed with a blast of powerful sorcery.

The gods crave great sacrifices in Conan Exiles, but gaining their favor also grant the ultimate rewards.


Avatars General Information

  • Server will be announced that an Avatar is being summoned
  • Once an avatar is summoned, the person that has summoned them can be killed in the middle of summoning and will destroy them. They're very big and slow, because of that, base builders are encouraged to spread it out on a larger area so that they can't destroy the entire base within seconds.
  • You should note that there is a server setting to turn off avatars if you do not wish them to be part of your Conan Exiles experience.
  • The time a Avatar is summoned depends on the server and varies between 30 and 120 seconds.


Avatars that can be Summoned

Avatar of Set

  • Giant red snake


Avatar of Mitra

  • A gigantic bronze colossus, resembling an old bearded man


Avatar of Yog

  • An immense eldritch horror
  • Giant floating zombie head with tentacles

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