Action Default Key Notes
Use E  
Use Right Hand Item LMB  
Use Left Hand Item RMB  
Move Forward W  
Move Backward S  
Strafe Left A  
Strafe Right D  
Walk Backspace  
Sprint Left Shift  
Jump Space Bar  
Crouch Left Control  
Interact E Main interact button. Can be held to collect Materials.
Open The Menu ESC  
Third Person Camera Mode P Press to change between 3rd/1st Person view
Vanity Camera V Toggle Vanity Camera. Press again to cancel
Open Inventory/ I  
Toggle Map M  
Toggle GUI Alt + Z  
Toggle Chat Window Ctrl + T  
Global Chat Enter Chat with all players on the server.
Vicinity Chat Num * Chat with players nearby.
Guild Chat Num - Chat with your guild members.
Toggle Emotes Menu R  


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