There are total of 14 playable races in Conan Exiles. The races are only different from looks and mainly for roleplaying purpose.


Hyborians encompass those descendants of the barbaric worshippers of Bori, who swept from the north millenia ago and destroyed the ancient empire of Acheron. The original Hyborians were tawny-skinned and grey-eyed, but intermingling with other races has diversified their appearance


Barbaric and warlike, the Cimmerians are the descendants of the ancient Atlanteans. They fight on foot, mainly, and make savage raids on their neighbors to the east, north and south


Stygians are ruled by King Ctesphon, but it is no secret that the priests of Set are the true power in the land. Only the Black Ring, a cabal of sorcerers led by Thoth Amon, rivals the priests in power and influence

Tribal Himelian

Wedged between the Turanians to the north and the Vendhyans to the south, Himelians have developed a fierce survivalist society. They are fiercely loyal to one another and quick to turn against their multitude of enemies


Dark and slender, the Hyrkanians are the descendants of the Lemurians who roamed westward after escaping their slavery in the east by the Khari. The most famous Hyrkanian tribe are the Turanians, who have carved themselves and empire on the shores of the Vilayet sea


Khitan are known to be mysterious and secretive, which increases their reputation as powerful sorcerers

Kush ite

Very little is known about the Black Kingdoms, but merchants and adventurers report back with tales of both savage tribes and great civilizations thriving among the vast landscape.


The yellow-haired Aesir and red-haired Vanir are the pale-skinned, blue-eyed race who rule the kingdoms north of Cimmeria. Known for being wayward and fierce, they use their powerful builds and brute strength to overwhelm their enemies in battle.


The tribes of Pictland are continually at war with each other, their neighbors and anybody who is unfortunate to wander in their territory. The life of the average Pict is one of constant, unrelenting horror, as dark gods and bloody wars threaten to snatched away life and soul at every turn.


Nomadic Shemites are notorious for their skill with bows and their duplicity as traders. The pastoral people are considered calmer and more civilized, with highly skilled artisans such as the smiths of Akbitana.


Barbaric to the core, Darfari are savage bandits and murderers that forms loose bands in order to bring sacrifices to the altar of their god Yog. They file their teeth to points and use mud and twigs to style their black hair into horns, giving them a demonic appearance.


Referred to as the golden kingdom, Vendhya has a caste of rulers who are considered close to divinity. In particular, the sister of the King, Devi Yasmina, is well known for her healthy beauty.


Zamorian are reputed to the best thieves in the world and cities such as "Shadizar the Wicked" and the "City of Thieves" reinforce their reputation of this despotify state.


Zingaran nobleman are renowned for their chivalry and swordplay, while Zingaran sailors are cursed in seaports around the civilized world as coarse brutes.

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